Who we are

PREMIUM is a Department of VantagePoint S.A. The Company was founded in 2008 and has successfully developed activities both in Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Larisa) and adroad (Romania, Albania, Azerbaijan).

Two (-2-) pillars constitute the Department of PREMIUM in VantagePoint S.A.


PREMIUM MEDICAL’ is focusing on providing Direct Medical Marketing Services through its Medical Representatives Network, by promoting our Clients’ Medical Services and by developing new Markets for our Greek and Foreign Clients.

The bundle of these services aim to serve the needs of the Pharmaceutical Companies as well as any Medical Company (Diagnostic Centres, Private Clinics, Labs, etc) and even those of private Physicians.

Our private Network of selective and experienced Staff (Medical Representatives), presents and promotes - as an outsource service to our Clients - either the products of the Pharmaceutical Companies or the Services provided by the Physicians or the Health Business Entities, aiming to develop sales volumes.

PREMIUM  PHARMA’ is exclusively aiming at promoting and selling Pharmacy Products on behalf of our Clients (outsourcing service), through visiting all Pharmacies Nationwide.

To the remarkable effectiveness of 'PREMIUM PHARMA' in sales, contributes the simultaneous co-operation between 'PREMIUM  PHARMA' and 'PREMIUM MEDICAL'.