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Through its action in the Markets, ‘PREMIUM PHARMA’ is focusing in promotion and selling the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products of the Companies, through innovative communication services, scientific information and commercial actions in pharmacies.


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Market Penetration (Networking)

Outsourcing Service of Professional Sales Network providing Nationwide coverage of all Pharmacies.

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Development of Public Relations

Publication of our Clients’ in Magazines, Scientific press , participation in Scientific Symposia, targeted advertising, etc

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Brief description of Services provided

’PREMIUM PHARMA’ is focusing exclusively in the promotion and sale of Pharmaceutical products, on behalf of Pharmaceutical Companies (Outsourcing Service provided), via its own Professional Sales Network with Nationwide Pharmacies coverage.

The Company’s distinctive competitive advantage is the parallel action of its two (-2-) networks (‘PREMIUM PHARMA’ & ‘PREMIUM MEDICAL’), thus providing simultaneous promotion of the products at the same time in Pharmacies & Referring Physicians.

PREMIUM’s also distinctive characteristic, is that no other Company has such long lasting bonds with the Medical Society, as it all started twenty five (-25-) years ago.

This, along with the parallel action of the two (-2-) networks, produce the outstanding results in the Market for our Clients.



Indicative table of services provided
Who trusted us

‘PREMIUM PHARMA’ has undertaken and successfully completed (apart from the on going), numerous Projects, as indicatively below are stated:

‘PREMIUM PHARMA’ was assigned the promotion and sale of the products of a well-known Para-Pharmaceutical Company for the whole area of N. Greece, W. Greece and Central Greece.

Presentation, promotion and sale of a specific Pharmaceutical product in all Pharmacies Nationwide.

‘PREMIUM PHARMA’ is also the exclusive distributor for Greece for the products of a large Multi-National Manufacturer.

Exclusive Distribution and sale of two (-2-) new and innovative products, that were launched in the Greek Market for the first time.